Episode 25: They’re My Babies

Finished Object:

Swift + Niddy Noddy Holder, crocheted on 19mm hook with mystery black acrylic yarn held 4/5 strands.

Work in Progress:

Knitting Machine Throw, knit on US 3 needles with scrap fingering weight yarn.


Zen Garden Serenity 20 Mazz and OOAK 3.my.10

Chiaogoo Bamboo DPNs in sizes 2, 4, and 6. All stash this week was bought from Mr. Yarn who is going out of business. :(


The alpacas are dying in Peru!

Netflix slow TV: Knitting shows will release on Aug. 5! 

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Episode 23: Word Vomit

Finished Object

Welcome mat, crocheted a few rows to make it longer.


Slip Stitch Dishtowel, will re-try this project using bigger needles.

Works in Progress

Tolt Folded Bag, will need to re-do the handle.

Olga’s Cardigan (Take 2) using Cascade Heritage Camo Colors on US 5 needles.

Knitting Machine Throw using scrap yarns on US 3 needles.


Are you part of a local knitting group? What is it like?

Episode 22: Sleepy Stupor



Memory Blanket/ Knitting Machine Throw. Knitting with fingering and lace weight scraps on size US 3 Karbonz needles.

Slip Stitch Discloth knit with various cotton yarns from Tijuana on US 1 Chiaogoo needles.

Welcome mat (again) to make it a bit bigger. Crocheting with a 19mm hook.


Tolt Folded Bag made with various Plymouth yarns. Finally stitched it together!


Quince and Co Truffle colorway.

Chiaogoo size 1 needles.

Episode 21: Can You Hear That?

Finished Objects:

Seaglass top knit out of handspun from Juanita of Shespins and some acrylic from Tijuana.

Arne and Carlos Crazy Long Socks, thigh highs knit from Regia yarn. Used this pattern for the heel portion.

Welcome mat knit from acrylic yarn from Tijuana that was knitted on the knitting machine then hand knit.

Works in Progress:

Knitting machine throw knit from various fingering weight scrap yarn. Mentioned Cloudborn white yarn and Forbidden Woolery King of the Forest yarn.


Stanwood Ball Winder from Amazon


Gray Tee acrylic top.

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Episode 19: 3 Takes

Finished Objects

Grandma’s Tweedy Banana Tree Cardigan. Knit on US 7 needles with Plymouth’s Monte Donegal yarn in the Scarlet colorway.

Gray tee. Knit with Sophie yarn from Mexico.

Works in Progress

Seaglass Top knit on US 5 needles with handspun from Juanita of Shespins.

Welcome mat. Knit with yarn made by my knitting machine.


The intro on the podcasts will be cut.

The Ravelry group will be deleted unless there are strong objections.

Constructive criticism is welcome.

Podcasting schedule might be every other week instead of every week. (Currently undecided.)

Future Giveaway

Flower Power Collection Big Set from Barbara of Knitting I Love.

Episode 18: Cat + Doughnuts = Me in a Past Life


Grandma’s Tweedy Banana Tree Cardigan


Olga’s Shrug/Cardigan


From MTX Soluciones –

3 ball of Sophie gray yarn with 9% Italian acrylic.

1 ball of Eulali pink cotton yarn.

1 ball Pescadora white cotton yarn.

1 cone of yellow yarn.

1 cone of pale yellow yarn.


From Juanita of shespins

Varigated blue falkland

Beige worsted alpaca

Light blue mystery yarn

Medium blue superwash merino yarn

Black and yellow domestic wool

Brown/white international fleeces

Cupcake earrings by Beemo Stahp!


From Craftsy – 

Giant crochet hook size 35

Episode 16: The First Sock Has Fallen

Works in Progress: 

Gma sweater for Rommel’s grandmother. Knit on US 4 needles with Cascade Heritage yarn in the Camo Colors colorway.

Thigh high socks knit on US 1 needles with Arne and Carlos Fall Night by Regia yarn.

Finished Objects:

Becca’s Socks knit on US 1 needles with Arne and Carlos Summer Night by Regia yarn.

Doormat knit with ginormous needles using yarn made from the knitting machine.


Created a knitting journal to write down new ideas.

Got my first hole in one of my socks.